michele bohbot - the yogi

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I want to share my love and passion for Yoga with people. It changed my life over 30 years ago and helped me transform into the best me I could be. As a certified Iyengar teacher, I have developed a dialog between my body and my mind through the instruction of the alignment of one’s body.  I realized that the physical body is constantly speaking to us and that we often don’t take time to listen to it because we are so busy with our daily lives and distractions.  The improved focus through yoga has a direct effect on meditation and health. I want to share this passion with my students to inspire and guide them through their own self- inquiry and journey through a regular and consistent practice.

Supple body, supple mind ……. Healthy body, happy mind.  -Michele Bohbot

Founder and Owner of Namastday Yoga in Beverly Hills, CA

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